Pronto Manufacturing

PRONTO Manufacturing module contains the elements required to adequately plan, prepare and produce goods. Production may be as simple as putting various stock items together into a kit (eg combining a PC with a monitor, a keyboard and mouse) or as complex and precise as the development of pharmaceutical products.

Bill of Materials will allow the specification of the components required to manufacture a product. Each component of the finished product may in itself be the end result of another bill of material. There may be up to 99 levels of these sub-assemblies with the lowest level of components being a raw material.

The system will allow you to define the order in which manufacturing functions are performed (routing) and to include in this, details of the amount of time that will be required to set up and prepare to perform each step, the time to actually perform the step, and the labour time required for each part of the step. For example you may wish to record "cooling" time which does not require labour whereas mechanical functions may or may not be labour intensive. Costs may be built into each part of the routing, as you require.

You can prepare work orders to establish your factory activities at any time. The work orders may be either created within the factory or generated from Sales Orders. The work orders may be scheduled into the daily production plan and job cards can be created from them.

You can use the system to record the daily production from work orders, and this information can include not only the details of the work order being satisfied, but also show machine downtime which may have affected production; the number of manufactured items that needed to be scrapped and those that needed reworking.

Manufacturing also provides full Master Production Scheduling (MPS); Material Requirements Planning (MRP); Distribution Requirements Planning (DRP) Capacity Requirements Planning & Scheduling(CRP); Just in Time (JIT); Production Planning (PP); Rough Cut Capacity Planning (RCCP); and Forecasting systems, as well as reporting and monitoring.

The Manufacturing module integrates fully with associated modules. This not only includes Inventory, Warehousing, Sales Orders and Purchase Orders, but can also include Payroll and General Ledger. The General Ledger postings can also include full WIP tracking, provisional requirements and inventory backflushing requirements.




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