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The PRONTO Service module allows for the ongoing servicing of equipment owned by your customers, with invoicing as required. The equipment does not need to have been purchased from your company. Both equipment you have sold as well as equipment from other suppliers may be serviced by you.

Service calls are fully tracked and you can choose the engineer to respond to a call, and at any time you can monitor the progress of a call. The system provides full statistical information regarding each call, which may be used to monitor performance against contractual obligations. It will also alert you to potential problems in meeting those obligations. These may then be addressed before a problem arises.

Service Levels can be recorded, so that you know the requirements of each service to be performed on each piece of equipment. These levels are user defined, but may (as an example) cover the weekly maintenance, the monthly clean and quarterly overhaul of the serviced equipment.

The system also maintains full inventory records of the equipment in your warehouse, as well as any which may be in the engineer's van. It caters for ad hoc petty cash purchases that an engineer may make, and you can decide whether or not these purchases are to be charged back to the customer. The system allows for the preparation and maintenance of service contracts, and will then track the cost of those contracts to your organisation. Contracts can have equipment added or deleted during their life span, and renewal notices may be sent out at pre-specified times before the contract is due for renewal.

Contracts may be specified to cover nothing more than a certain number of hours work per period for the life of the contract. The amount of time may vary from period to period, and you may choose to charge for materials used. The contract may be drawn up to provide whatever level of service you require.






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