Pronto Supply Chain

Pronto Supply Chain ensures successful management of your Supply Chain. Core to PRONTO's foundation applications, this package efficiently manages all distribution processes to clarify the progression of an order.

PRONTO Supply Chain fulfills sales and purchase orders, while controlling inventory and warehousing. Fully adaptable, PRONTO Supply Chain can be fully customized to meet the particular needs of your business.

Inventory Control
- Multiple bins, warehouses and suppliers per item
- Multiple units and pack sizes per item
- Purchase, stock and sell in different units
- Standard, Average, FIFO and Actual costing
- Kit handling and pricing
- Point of Sale
- Inventory with lot/serial traceability
- Superior pricing flexibility
- Alternate part numbers
- Bar coding for all item movements
Purchase Orders with Requisitions
- Internal Requisitions
- Purchase Order link to sales orders, service calls, work orders, jobs and assets
- Automatic re-ordering
- Shipment processing
- Multiple shipment cost allocation (weight, quantity, value or volume)
- Blanket orders, contract orders, return, exchanges and quotation requests
Warehouse Management
- Multiple bin locations per item
- Flexible 3-D warehouse layout
- Unit, carton and pallet storage
- Optimised picking path
- Intelligent top-up and put-away
- Pre-pick replenishment and cross dock
- Integrated to Forecasting, Distribution, Resource Planning (DRP) and Manufacturing modules
- Order consolidation - single delivery
- Radio Frequency (RF) unit control
Sales orders
- Detailed sales analysis
- Multi-warehouse capability
- Picking tickets, consignment notes, delivery dockets, labels and invoices
- Multiple delivery addresses
- Quotes, sales budgets and national accounts billing

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