Pronto 740 Announced

Monday 20 March 2017, Sydney: Australian technology company, Pronto Software, has today launched Pronto Xi 740, the next-generation of its flagship ERP and analytics software. Equipped to enhance every aspect of operations across various industry sectors, Pronto Xi 740 empowers staff at any level to make better decisions and help steer company growth, allowing businesses to get the most out of its operational data. 

Chad Gates, Managing Director, Pronto Software said: “In order for businesses to be truly innovative and agile, it’s not just about being knowledgeable, it’s about being able to get the most out of the data they have access to. That’s where the magic lies.

“The launch of Pronto Xi 740 follows close to 18 months of research and development, with various new functionalities unleashed. It is the result of 132,000 hours of new product development, and 12,500 hours of listening to customer feedback. One of the hero enhancements allows staff at all levels to more easily query business data relevant to their role, reveal deeper insights than ever before, and closely track progress on business targets,” said Mr Gates.

Some of the key functionality improvements and new features with Pronto Xi 740, include:

  • A new Key Performance Indicators (KPI) Library stores aggregated data from all areas of a business and provides quantifiable measures to gauge and better understand operations. User defined KPIs can be set, tapping into company or industry standard benchmarks for incorporation. Users can embrace faster, more efficient analysis, and also easily dissect data trends. Effortlessly slice and dice sales data to identify strong performers or those items underperforming.
  • Accessible via Pronto’s web-user interface, Workspaces is a new drag and drop interactive canvas that displays relevant, real time KPIs to staff, facilitating decision-making and priority setting while enhancing collaboration.
  • New Auxiliary Trading Mode functionality allows Point of Sale terminals to operate when a network connection is lost to the Pronto Xi server. Further, users can assess the status of all POS terminals in one-view and access options to manage and resolve issues with a single click.
  • The super-charged promotions engine now offers enhanced features helping retailers boost sales and profitability with improved promotion planning.
  • Users can manage all resources – from employees, engineers, suppliers and assets to serial items – within a central view, through the new Resource Management module. Underpinning Resource Management is a thorough work roster and employee award system.
  • The look and feel of Mobile Service has been updated, with a number of practical enhancements made, such as the ability for technicians to customise the menu to suit their specific needs and the capturing of customer signatures at the end of service calls.

Further enhancements with the release of Pronto Xi 740 seek to meet the needs of businesses across a range of industries. For further information on the software, visit here:

During 2016, Pronto Software announced various new specialist divisions, including Pronto Woven, Pronto Cloud and Pronto iQ. From strategy and design to commerce and mobile platforms, Pronto Woven helps clients increase customer engagement using analytics, mobile and cloud technologies. Pronto Cloud Managed Solutions, is a division dedicated to supporting Pronto’s growing portfolio of cloud customers. Finally, Pronto iQ represents a dedicated team of Business Intelligence (BI) and data specialists that help businesses harness data to gain a deeper level of BI, tailoring insights and outcomes to specific needs.

Pronto Software works with over 1,700 customers and partners globally, including some of the country’s leading brands, such as Godfreys, Vic’s Meat, Shimano Oceania, Hirotec, Natures Organics, Leica Camera Australia, Bondor, Gasweld, Bhagwan Marine, The Co-op, The Mayo Group, and Retail Prodigy Group (Nike).